"No Regrets" by Mike Stoyanov is out June 11

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Mike Stoyanov is the rising rock'n'roll star you should know about. His style combines influences from Oasis, The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys in a powerful explosion of raw energy that will make you want to punch the air, jump as high as you can and sing along at the top of your lungs.


His debut single "Star" was released in February this year and has been described as "alternative rock with ALL CAPS ON" (ArtistRack) and "the first song you should play when you wake up" (The Sounds Won't Stop). The follow up single "No Regrets" drops on June 11 and we definitely can't wait...

"No Regrets" is a song about unapologetically living your life the way you want. I have made many mistakes in my life but I have no regrets because the good things and the bad things, they all happen for a reason, it's all part of the journey and you can be damn sure I am loving every second of it.

Mike Stoyanov

Mike has been in several rock and blues bands throughout the years but 2020 with the pandemic and all restrictions was the year when he decided that the time is right to start his solo career. Always following his heart and never afraid to speak his mind he is just what rock'n'roll music needs right now.


As he puts it: "I really loved being in a band, hanging out, having beers and making music but songwriting is so important to me. I could never have the same freedom to express myself in a band that I do as a solo artist. And, you know, once I get going I just can't stop, I am on a mission to bring rock'n'roll back to the top of the charts, man. You might say that's a bit cocky from a guy who is just starting out but I have been believing in myself forever, man. If I don't believe who the fuck would?"

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