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Released: April 14, 2023

“On My Side” is a song about a girl that likes to play games with your heart. She’s hot then she’s cold, she would make you feel like you’re the one then she’ll act like you’re no one. Sometimes she drives your mad and sometimes you hate her but most of the time you just can’t help falling in love with her. 

_Everything You Ever Wanted_ Artwork (Photo-Pete O'Shea).jpg

Mike says his new single "Everything You Ever Wanted" is a song about chasing your dreams even when it's hard, especially when it's hard. ​

This song is dedicated to those who are not afraid to jump in the water. When I started this whole music thing there was so much stuff I had to figure out and yeah it was a bit scary but that didn't stop me. You can spend your whole life on the shore scared of the water because you can’t swim, but see, man, the only way you can learn to swim is to get in the f*cking water (Mike Stoyanov).

Released: July 22, 2022

One Night Stand Cover Insta.png

Released: January 14, 2022

Mike describes "One Night Stand" as an anthem to hedonism, it's about going to a nightclub, getting absolutely smashed and trying to hook up with strangers. It's about the excitement of someone you will never see again because "love is tough babe, who needs that, all I want is a one night stand", very deep and philosophical stuff as you can see. 

No Regrets Yellow copy 3.jpg

Released: June 11, 2021

"No Regrets" is a song about unapologetically living your life the way you want. Mike admits that he has made many mistakes in his life but has no regrets because the good things and the bad things, they all happen for a reason, it's all part of the journey and you can be damn sure he is loving every second of it.


Released: February 12, 2021

"Star", the debut single by Mike Stoyanov is a song that says - yes, maybe life sucks sometimes and there are things that I can't change but you know what I am still here, I am still fighting and that's all that matters.

A confident debut that makes a statement about what we can expect from Mike as he announces "I don't need anyone to tell me how I'm doing. I know I was always meant to be a star".

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